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Before Investing

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Investing for Beginners

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Stock for Beginners

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Sectors for Beginners

ETFs for Beginners

Step 5.

ETFs for Beginners

ETFs for Beginners:  An Investing Class For Women

ETFs are not boring! Learn how these vehicles can fit into your investing strategies and how Financial Advisors utilize ETFs when investing your money.


Prerequisit: Before Investing

Intro 4-Week Class 

$199 (Regular Price $249)


  • Compounding and the Power of Investing 

  • Risk & Risk Tolerance

  • Overview of Asset Classes and their risk levels.

  • Identifying your investing style:
    Active vs. Passive Investing

  • Pros and cons of Online Retail Brokers,
    Robo-advisors & Financial Advisors

  • Importance of Bench-marking investment performance

  • Introduction to Stocks, Sectors & ETFs

  • Building a Diversified Focus List

ETFs for Beginners



Jessica Perrone: Your Instructor

Founder, Her Financial IQ

Show Host, Her Money & Investing Show

Hi 👋 I'm Jessica Perrone. A single mom of 3 teen girls and 16-year Finance Veteran who's on a mission to make money and investing topics relatable to women and teens of all backgrounds. I've developed an innovative curriculum that breaks down finance into approachable and fun classes for females of all ages.

Jessica Perrone

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