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A virtual community of Black women learning from experts about personal finance & investing.

Now, Black women in Pittsburgh & Allegheny County have the opportunity to learn more about money and investing from experts, get support from peers, and build wealth to realize their goals. 

Join our Money Talks Program and get HerFinIQ's
“Before Investing” + “Investing For Beginners“
programs FREE! These programs are perfect for Black women who want to learn how to successfully budget, pay off debt, build savings, and start investing but don't know where to start!

Money Chats: Summer Live Virtual Support Groups

June 14th, 1:30pm

July 12th, 1:30pm

Aug 9th, 1:30pm

Sept 27th, 1:30pm

Money Talks Learning Modules:
24/7 On-Demand Financial Education from HerFinIQ
Cost:  Free*

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Community, Support & Financial Education = Success

Learning Modules


MONEY TALKS:  Education


Monthly Virtual 
Money Chats

MONEY TALKS:  Support Groups

Ongoing Support & Guidance

24/7 Learning Platform Access

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Money Chats
Support Groups

Monthly Live Virtual Zoom Support Group

Money Talks will be hosting a live “Money Chats” support group and check-in for current and past Money Talks cohorts.


It's a chance for "Money Talkers" to make new friends, support each other on their financial journeys, and create a safe space to talk about challenges, celebrate wins, and share strategies that have worked for us so far.

Live Virtual Support Groups

June 14th, 1:30pm

July 12th, 1:30pm

Aug 9th, 1:30pm

Sept 27th, 1:30pm

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Money Talks 
Money Chats Schedule


Money Talks
Learning Modules

24/7 On-Demand Video Platform

Part 1: Before Investing 

  • Login & join HerFinIQ as Jessica Perrone shares expert advice on what you need to know "Before Investing"

  • As you explore the learning modules, you'll gain valuable insights into the essential steps to take before getting started with investments

  • Learn how to assess your financial readiness, set realistic goals

Part 2: Investing for Beginners 

  • Dive into the world of investing by exploring the "Investing for Beginners" learning module by HerFinIQ

  • Discover different investment options and how they align with your financial goals

  • Understand investment strategies, diversification, and the importance of a consistant long-term approach to investing

Curriculum Support:

  • Ask course-related questions directly through the learning platform and take advantage of "open office hours" to receive practical tips, guidance, and personalized support

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*This program was made possible by generous support from Neighborhood Allies' Funders for Black Women in Pittsburgh & Allegheny County

Money Talks Financial Learning Modules


Learning Module: PART 1

This course delves into a variety of topics related to personal finance, including budgeting, savings, emergency funds, different types of savings accounts, good vs bad debt, and how to cultivate your credit score. The program aims to equip participants with the knowledge to make informed money decisions & build the strong financial foundation required for successful investing.


Investing for Beginners

Learning Module: PART 2

This program teaches women foundational investing concepts, including consistent and long-term investing, investment account types, self-directed vs managed accounts, and the pros and cons of retail brokers, financial advisors, and robo-advisors. The course also covers an introduction to stocks, ETFs, and stock market sectors. By the end of the course, women will have the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate investing.

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