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🚗 Car Trouble 🚗

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

🚐Where I live, our closest highway 🛣 is back to being bumper to bumper Monday through Friday, from 4 to 7 pm 🕔, with nerve-racking rush hour traffic. Amidst the pandemic, the streets were relatively quiet, with most people staying home due to COVID restrictions, weather, or personal choice. Now that the country is opening and a large population is vaccinated, people can’t wait to get out of Dodge or even back to the office. I’ve noticed more and more people hitting the road once again. The return of this infuriating wall of stand-still traffic makes me wonder if it could impact companies or stocks around us …

👏Beep, beep! Jessica Perrone is ready to open your eyes to some investment ideas in your everyday commute! 🏎🚗

👨‍🔧Many guys (and gals) spent a lot of time in their garages to fix up their cars in pandemic times. Escaping to the garage or “Man Cave” was a moment of quiet and even solitude during kid and wife melt-downs. Fixing up your vehicle also means buying your own parts. Autozone (Ticker: AZO) flourished during Covid because of the high demand for car parts. Some other general auto supply shops with similar concepts are Advanced Autoparts (Ticker: AAP), (Ticker: PRTS), and Magna (Ticker: MGA). Have you never heard of Magna? Well, if you drive a GM (Ticker: GM), Ford (Ticker: F), BMW (Ticker: BMW), Mercedes (Owned by Daimler AG; Ticker: DMLRY), Volkswagen (Ticker: VWAGY), Toyota (Ticker: TM), or Tesla (Ticker: TSLA), chances are, their parts are in your car! According to Wikipedia, Magna is the largest automobile parts manufacturer in North America!

The more you drive, the more your car may experience some wear and tear. I can attest to that. Kids’ activities have started up again, and the driving has picked up too! (How did I ever do all this driving pre-COVID - UGH!). Since “the-kid-taxi” or “M-uber” is up and running again, I have personally been to the shop three times for oil changes, brake checks, and the check engine light - Really! All results of the wear and mileage of driving again!

As I left Midas (hopefully for the last time), $600 poorer, I immediately had to see if Midas was a public company. I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one experiencing car trouble! As it turns out, Midas is owned by TBC Corporation, which in turn is co-owned 50% by Michelin (Ticker: MGDDF). I then opened a new browser and looked for another similar concept. And came across Driven Brands (Ticker: DRVN)... The owner of Meineke!

Now I’m thinking about where these auto-repair shops get their supplies... It wasn’t long before I thought of Goodyear (Ticker: GT) for tires and Valvoline (Ticker: VVV) for oil. However, for the DYI-er, for a little bit of everything, there’s always Walmart (Ticker: WMT)!

We are only scratching the surface; the automotive industry is vast (and ever-changing)! Pent-up demand to get back on the road could continue to make this industry highly lucrative.

Now, as much as I love sharing all of these securities with you guys, it’s meaningful for you to research on your own time, as well. The more ideas, the better! You may even stumble upon a hidden gem! Be sure to bookmark potential investments and watch their peaks and valleys to determine a good time to buy.

Check out our website for more on class information and everything I love to do: If you haven’t yet, be sure to take my Investing IQ Quiz to test your market skills and read about your next steps!

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Disclaimer: Jessica Perrone is not a registered investment professional nor a financial advisor. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment, tax, or financial advice. Always do your own research. You are solely responsible for all investment, tax, and financial decisions that you make. Please read the full disclaimer here.

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