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Give The Gift Of Your Time

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

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When it comes to giving last-minute holiday gifts, there's no need to go into debt.

Looking for a perfect last-minute gift that fits your budget?

When it comes to giving last-minute holiday gifts, there's no need to go into debt. Unfortunately, overspending is common during the holidays🎄, which makes it tough to start the New Year and achieve your 2023 financial goals. Instead, consider giving the gift of time—and show your love and friendship without spending a dime.

So how do you do that? Bartering!

Bartering is a great way to give a thoughtful gift without spending a lot of money. We all have talents and gifts that can be of value to someone else, so instead of giving someone a new toy or gadget that they might not even use much (or at all), consider giving them something more practical—like babysitting or lessons in something you're an expert in, like decorating, art, tennis, or whatever else.

We all have talents and gifts that can be of value to someone else: whether it's fixing things around the house or revamping someone's closet; cooking lessons or an arts and crafts hour; helping someone get organized or offering a free ride in your car; doing some wine tastings or teaching others about wine; doing arts and crafts with children or teaching adults how to make their own crafts; being a good listener…

Whatever it is!

I want to remind everyone this holiday season: "You do not need to spend money to show people you care." So don't break the bank on last-minute gifts this year when you could spend more time with friends and family instead!

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I'd love to hear your gift ideas, too.

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Together, Building Wealth.

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