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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Yesterday, I talked (or complained) about my Pacifica minivan. If you need a refresher, my car is reliable, roomy, and has great utility. However, it has terrible acceleration, no four-wheel drive, and lacks sex appeal (or, as my teenager likes to say - gives off “serious mom vibes”). Nonetheless, I am far too indecisive to begin the search for a new car. But as I began to write about my red steed, I made an investment connection (as I do)!! I drew a parallel from my trusty minivan to dividend aristocrat stocks – Say what?!? Stay with me.

Now, these stocks are not sexy by any means… You could even say they are boring. They’re not the stocks that are “memed” or hyped up on social media. Their CEOs don’t have flashy titles like “Technoking of Tesla.”

But they are boring because they typically aren’t volatile, meaning these aren’t the type of stocks that will suddenly move and quickly make or lose you money (they also don’t have the crazy acceleration of a Porsche in either direction). You may be wondering, “Well… What’s the point?” Just like my minivan, they’re super reliable. Essentially, you get paid dividends for holding that stock on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis while the stock reliably goes up in price. Double win, right? NextAdvisor has a great article that lists the Top 65 Dividend Aristocrats stocks for 2021. It’s certainly something worth looking into!

🤷‍♀️Want to hear more? 🙋‍♀️ Watch the replay of Thursday's Facebook Live Events where I go more in-depth.

🤣It’s sure to be more fun than your bill after a routine oil change.🤣

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