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Hi There,
I'm Jessica Perrone

I make Financial Wellness, Money,
and Investing Education seriously fun!

HerFinIQ Personal Finance, Money & Investing Classes for Women

As a beginner in finance and investing, I was looking to learn the language and become more comfortable with investing tools. Jessica Perrone has given me all of that plus a framework for investing that was fun, interesting, and non-judgmental. I highly recommend the courses! 
- Erika, PA


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Investing for Her Bundle

3 Courses + Support = SUCCESS

COURSE 1:  Your guide to building your surplus and preparing to invest!

$125 Value


COURSE 2: Learn how to put your surplus to work and start investing!

$195 Value

COURSE 3: A beginners guide to investing in stocks and ETFs.

$195 Value


Jessica Perrone personally answers
your questions in the learning platform.

$500 Value

Total $1,015

Bundle Price: $350

YOU SAVE: $665!

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Megan, NJ

Jessica has a down to earth approach,
that genuinely teaches ALL of the basics without skipping a beat. She genuinely build(s) knowledge from the foundation up and truly allows you to grow at your own pace with the information she provides!


Katrina, NYC

I want to express my appreciation for
the recent "How to Talk Investing With
Your Teen" workshop. 
You have an easy-to-follow and sometimes funny approach to
investing, which is unique.

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Catherine, NJ

As a complete beginner I have thoroughly enjoyed delving into the world of investing through Jessica’s courses & chats. Jessica keeps things fun while sharing valuable knowledge & insights… [she] encourages all questions & sets an open
non-judgmental environment in class.

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Inclusive Financial Education for Women of All Communities

HerFinIQ Money Talks Program Testimonial: The Program Has Financially Empowered Me
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HerFinIQ Offers Personal Finance, Money & Investing Classes for Women

Online  Learning Platform

Her Money & Investing Show

Catch up on Jessica's episodes and start learning the language of investing today!

Personal Finance, Money & Investing Workshops 

For Your Organization

Increase 401k Enrollment and Employee Retention!
Jessica Perrone brings customized Co-Ed Personal Finance & Investing Workshops to your organization! From live in-person workshops to co-branded self-paced online courses, Her Financial IQ aims to provide a nurturing environment where learning about finance is fun!

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HerFinIQ CoEd Offers Money & Investing Workshops for Workplaces
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