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Her Financial IQ


Welcome to Your Money Journey

Jessica Perrone has been busy cooking up all sorts of FUN stuff so that women can start learning the language of personal finance & investing! 



Financial Journey Step 1

Step 1.

Let's get investing in 2023 Challenge!
In this class, you'll investigate your financial health & learn how to get your "financial ducks" in a row, and get ready to invest!

Now offered as a self-directed online course & workbook!

Before Investing: A Personal Finance Class For Women

Before Investing

Learn various avenues to put your money to work and the pros and cons of retail brokers, Robo-advisors, and financial advisors.

Investing for Beginners: How to Put Your Money To Work and Build Wealth Class For Women

Investing for Beginners

Step 2.

Financial Journey Step 2

Step 3.

Do you feel stocks and investing are enigmas too challenging to understand? Have you ever wanted to invest in a company but had no idea where to start or what questions to ask?

Stocks for Beginners:  An Investing Class for Class For Women

Stocks for Beginners

Financial Journey Step 3

Once you've perfected the identifying investment method, it's time to diversify your list! In this introduction to the stock market sectors, you'll analyze your list to make sure all your eggs are not in one basket!

Stock Market Sectors: An Investing Class For Women

Introduction to
Stock Market Sectors

Step 4.

Financial Journey Step 4

Step 5.

ETFs are not boring! Learn how these vehicles can fit into your investing strategies and how Financial Advisors utilize ETFs when investing your money.

ETFs for Beginners:  An Investing Class For Women

ETFs for Beginners

Financial Journey Step 5

Build upon “Stocks, ETFs & Sectors for Beginners” by uncovering Jessica’s basic trading & investing rules.

Learn to Trade:  An Investing Class For Women

Investing 101

Step 7.

Financial Journey Step 6

Step 8.

The learning never ends when it comes to investments. Dive deeper into sectors and their industries to see the interrelatedness of the markets between stocks, sectors, and economic cycles.

Identyfing Investment in Sectors:  An Investing Class For Women

Identifying Investment in Industries Part 1-6



Jessica Perrone: Your Instructor

Founder, Her Financial IQ

Show Host, Her Money & Investing Show

Hi 👋 I'm Jessica Perrone. A mom of 3 teen girls and 16-year Finance Veteran who's on a mission to make money and investing topics relatable to women and teens of all backgrounds. I've developed an innovative curriculum that breaks down finance into approachable and fun classes for females of all ages.

Jessica Perrone



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