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🔆The Great (Get) Outdoors ⛺

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

It's summer - Hooray! People are heading outside….which brings to mind a whole new batch of stocks!

So let’s start….The warm weather makes me want to to be outside as much as possible, and I think other people feel the same way. Just the other day, I drove past a local park called the Watchung Reservation. Pre-COVID, the parking lot was hardly full. But now, the park has become a hotspot for hikers, and the newly expanded parking lot could barely hold everyone. Cars were even overflowing onto the adjacent street!

Taking this concept a little further and thinking nationally, according to a recent survey, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park reported over 10 million recreation visits in 2020 at these 3 National Parks alone. That’s a lot of people! When I think of these people in the great outdoors, I think of hiking, camping, glamping, RVing, fishing, and a whole boatload of nature-loving people just itching to go outside to do these things!

Recently, InvestorPlace and MarketBeat published articles covering the pent-up demand for travel and camping. In the pieces, they highlighted Winnebago Industries (Ticker: WGO), and Camping World Holdings (Ticker: CWH). At Camping World, people can buy RVs, outdoor gear, get their RVs serviced, and even good sam memberships, including roadside assistance, trip planning, and insurance. Need directions? May I suggest a Garmin (Ticker: GRMN)? Did you know Garmin isn’t just for cars! They have products for RV’s, fishermen, bicyclists, hunters, fitness, aviation, and more.

As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters and chats, it can also be beneficial to consider stocks that are one step back in the supply chain. For example, instead of investing in RV stocks, look at their suppliers! Patrick Industries (Ticker: PATK) is a major manufacturer and distributor of components for RVs.

In the case of boats, Johnson Outdoors (Ticker: JOUT) is a major producer of various types of motors and fishing gear. These companies are crucial to keeping RVs, vehicles, and boats on the assembly line so we can enjoy the outdoors.

This is where my brain went as soon as I thought of my local park. Investment ideas are all around you; don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Remember, as always, do your own research. Just because I mention certain securities does not mean I it is a recommendation. Some of the stocks I in newsletters are trading at recent or all-time highs, which is a great time to just bookmark those stocks, get to know them, and wait for an opportunity to get involved.

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